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Ar. I tried working on that collab thingy. Some of the pieces fit really well with each other when mixed, but others just wouldn't work out so I lost interest in it. Sorry sir. If you want, I can send you any thing from reasons initial sound library...

i felt the same way from the start :( btw i shall be buying your ep within a week

Noooo! I made my third Version of my Entry now :O What am I should I do with that stuff now?! I still hope someone will fix the thing one day... But I got tons of Samples for ya Bro! I'll just send you a PM with a Link to a 50-100 MB Pack I'll collect together tomorrow right? If you got anything lying around here a FL8 User may not have give me a Link and upload it there will ya?

thanks dude and ill see what i can do

got ill... will get my stuff together this weekend :O ===

Would this be by any chance that your partition was corrupted or got a virus? i had this problem too just a few days ago. It is a very serious one. I got my old files back but i couldn't use that partition of my hard drive. Also something or some virus also took ownership of all the files inside the partition which i had to get back. From there i took it back and thats how i got my files back but unfortunately i have to reinstall everything that i had because i coudnt use that harddrive anymore so i bought a internal hard drive and used a kit to make use it as a external hardrive so that way i transferred all of my old files into my new one. Now i have to reformat my old harddrive so i can use it as my new external harddrive =D. I don't know if this is your problem but yeah i hope this helps.

every thing seems fine at the moment but thanks for the heads up