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Comments (15)

good luck with ur stuff and i hope ill still get to listen to ur music even if its not on newgrounds

i'll still keep everyone updates :D dont worry

WHOAH WHOAH do u mean uve been sponsered?

i have a record deal now if thats what you mean...

con-fucking-gratulations my friend.

I want a record deal.... gawd dammit I'll never be that good.

HAHA I have cloud head woot

hey man i love your music
good luck on the labels thing

Do another collab with quarl. that was frikkin awesome

yh record deal congrats on that
ill see if i can help u out but probably not

ah a donation
hmmmm ill see what i can do but dont expect much
oh and if i donate will there be any chance of sonic colours 2 cause if so ill donate like right now (or when i get back from this holiday)

well the track that i mentioned up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ has the same chords as sonic colours during the verse :D

ha. You wish you could upload your tracks for a short period of time. I left a comment on one of my songs once saying "I plan on taking this down in a week." A few days later the track was used in a terrible lesbian hentai game. I had to ask Mindchamber to have it removed. Now that this blog exists... careful.

Wow! Congrats! You really deserve it, you're really good at this stuff! :)

Thank you very much, gonna be making a breaks track pretty soon:D

Wow! Congratulations Mr.Trogdar :D

Kudos, you most definitely deserve it. Hopefully I'll still be hearing some of your work whenever you score a moment to yourself.

I wish you the best of luck good sir :) Could you please PM me if you put up an epic track? Not to ask too much.


not at all especially considering the amount of time you've been listening :D

I GAVE YOU ALL MY MONEY :DDD Do I get a 320 Could Head now? I hope things go well for you, I would like to buy some physical records from you sometime ;)

thank you so so so much whats you email you can have HIGH QUALITY AIF!

nice. nice. i enjoy your music quite much. let me just say... once this all gets going, don't forget about the music man! don't make it for the money, do it for fun! (not that I think you'd turn into a greedy bastard anyway :D)

and btw SETTLING for liquicity? liquicity looks like it could be huge, man. i friended him on myspace and probably will send a demo... but lets just say i have "other options" lol

yeah anyway good job keep it up n all that and if i lived in england i'd see your shows man.

yeah it looks like it could be good :D it would be awesome if we were on the same label seeing as we've been reviewing each other for so long, give it a go!

it will always be about the music :)

are u selling songs yet like cloud head cause my ipod for sum reason deleted itself so i need to download all ma newgrouds music all over again. all 300 songs so im well ragin

not yet man i'll let you know when i am :D


Just because I'm curious, i was wondering if you made Cloud Head with speakers or headphones.
Good luck with producing I hope you can make some moneyz!!

i mix all my tune on the standard built in speakers on my mac :)

btw, you probably shouldn't upload tracks here for an opinion before sending it off to labels because then they might not take it, because it was available for download somewhere. it'd be kinda like a track leak.

and i don't think liquicity would take my songs because I don't make liquid. but keep it up man, as people on youtube have said, you could be the next big thing in liquid