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Comments (17)

That was awesome. Gave me shivers, dude. Too bad it isn't on Newgrounds for me to download. x)

yeah sorry about that :P

wow its amazin great work mate
this the kinda stuff thats gonna be on ur album cause its gonna be epic

this song was so good i just donated 4 quid to you. i might give you another six next week!!!
oh and do i get songs or sumin for 4 pound cause i think i saw sumin sayin that
ta much

yup, woodboy, smudge, the tubes and the new version of cloud head (if you already have loads of them i'll hook you up with tears in rain :D)

aww sweet how i get them?
oh and my username on that donate site should be Bulgy (my xbox name) just so u know

send me your email address in a pm ill email them over to you

oh and ur singin on tears in the rain is pretty good u should make another with singin that would be kool

lol sorry for all these commentsim probably a pain in the arse but i listened to the wholeof tears in the rain cause i listened to a bit of it and its beautiful. serioiusly its a great song it sounds proffesional

not ur usual style and in my opinion also not your best track but its still great snd you singing was cool to listen to ;) also ppl seriously just get a decent downloader for youtube or simply record it, we live in the 21th century I dun think Stan minds downloading otherwise he wouldnt have put it on youtube...

WOW! amazing. this has left me speechless. this is probably one of my all time favorite dnb tunes. keep up the great work :)

lol Trogz, you're on Liquicity.

Gotta feel like a pimp now eh? Cheers lad. You're kicking ass. Great track. Plenty of 'liquid' to it. Ambient = yummy.

Take it easy dude. Still rooting for you.

thanks man :D cloud head and smudge are also up there, ill be sure to hook you up with my first release, whoever its with, you've been listening for so long its the least i can do :D

did u not try out for the Electronic EP 2?
you and Ruqal should try out for that next one i think u need partners for

Arkez, Stan is above the NG Electronic EP. lol

fair nuff. just an easy way to make moneys

That was amazing.

Just a-wuh-sum, love the beginning, with the weird crazy guy, lol.

other than that, 5 star, and awesome

where are you staaan :(

u haz good musiqs

Nice job, why are you not famous at this point??? You make amazing tunes