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Posted by Stan-SB - December 11th, 2008

Hello world i am back.
and if you haven't checked out cloud head please do.
the problem with my computer was my hard drive.
It was corrupt... well half corrupt.
basically when they tried to copy my data across a load of it was irretrievable and some of the files i have on my computer are incomplete so I'm still finding out what still works.

all of my software still works.


but i have lost a lot of my sample library, if anyone wants to help out my email is: stanners1@mac.com anything is welcome and in m y next post i shall make a list of lovely people :)

as for the dnb ctsg. its died hasnt it so i think we should call it a day on that one.

ok upcoming tunes:

wait and see...

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Ar. I tried working on that collab thingy. Some of the pieces fit really well with each other when mixed, but others just wouldn't work out so I lost interest in it. Sorry sir. If you want, I can send you any thing from reasons initial sound library...

i felt the same way from the start :( btw i shall be buying your ep within a week

Noooo! I made my third Version of my Entry now :O What am I should I do with that stuff now?! I still hope someone will fix the thing one day... But I got tons of Samples for ya Bro! I'll just send you a PM with a Link to a 50-100 MB Pack I'll collect together tomorrow right? If you got anything lying around here a FL8 User may not have give me a Link and upload it there will ya?

thanks dude and ill see what i can do

got ill... will get my stuff together this weekend :O ===

Would this be by any chance that your partition was corrupted or got a virus? i had this problem too just a few days ago. It is a very serious one. I got my old files back but i couldn't use that partition of my hard drive. Also something or some virus also took ownership of all the files inside the partition which i had to get back. From there i took it back and thats how i got my files back but unfortunately i have to reinstall everything that i had because i coudnt use that harddrive anymore so i bought a internal hard drive and used a kit to make use it as a external hardrive so that way i transferred all of my old files into my new one. Now i have to reformat my old harddrive so i can use it as my new external harddrive =D. I don't know if this is your problem but yeah i hope this helps.

every thing seems fine at the moment but thanks for the heads up