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Posted by Stan-SB - April 4th, 2009

Sorry no news update but...

you may ask me any questions about myself or my music or anything else and i will answer them (if i know the answer)

have fun!

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stan what are your views on the theory behind plasma
i would love to know ;)

it's the fourth state of matter


u got standad grades after easter r have u dun them last year

got them pretty soon, july i think, then im off to college

Do you really glow in real life? you know,... like the way your profile pics do?

only after eating 1000 yogurts

college already? fuk me thats well quick

Qaurl your silly :D

College huh? We don't finish high school till we're 18 in the us. Do you guys have a different system or are you in a special kind of school?

when your 16 you go to college, then when your 18 you go to uni over here :)

oh yeah thats not well quick same here

OK lets go Stan! I want to share stuff now :DDD I was asking months ago after your breakdown and I am just fooling around in FL for weeks now, I cant get anything finished so I have nothing to do :( Lets share some data dude, you got msn?

you got an offer from grid??

yeah :D

any comments on what ur next song will be?

dunno, i'm in a bit of a drought

hmm... was that a hint there

hey do you have msn or AIM?

I can haz moar Trogdar? :(

Keep spinning. Keep feeding your soul with flow man. Being a musician, I wonder what music you appreciate. It's sometimes an interesting journey to jump into a genre you generally dislike.

don't worry i haven't stopped i just haven't had any inspiration recently

i just looked over my ipod and i have every single one of your songs!!!!
and the wait for sc2 is unbearable (been checkin for it every single day which i know is sad)
forget why i was commenting but i dont see any point in stoping

dude I'm not sure it's gonna happen, though then again it might, if it does it might not even be on newgrounds, i have recieved alot of support on myspace and youtube

take a look

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt 3guzszsrs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co KBa7nNJyg

Will you do a Computerized 2? :D

maybe one day

yh sorry i keep askin about it

i just keep listenin to the demo of it and im like what happens next

if u do sumit it do you mind givng me a pm or sumin?

you should try make an album an sell it on itunes or sumin cause quite a lot of newgrounds artists have done that like the synthetica collab

emm the youtube links you gave i dont think work cause its takin me to the sam page with all these vids and i dont know wha im lookin for

Well, I hope you continue to grow, but man... Don't stop dropping tracks on newgrounds.

I don't know what sort of music you're into but maybe some of this stuff might help... Great inspiration and it generally does invoke a greater appreciation for the awkwardness that some musicians smooth out into understanding and clarity.

-Boys noise
-Technical Itch
-If you know your way around... Demoscene music... <a href="http://www.scene.org">www.scene.org</a> and <a href="http://www.pouet.net">www.pouet.net</a> are good places to start.... OH! And Demoscene.tv
---&gt; While mentioning the demoscene, might be good for you to look for a demo called Blockbuster, by Outracks... Well worth a view. Old demo, 2005 if I recall correctly.
-Frank Zappa (The man is just brilliant)
-War-spawn (That man's flow is EXACTLY what this universe needs, and he's on NG)
-Astral projection

The list could keep going, but hopefully something will help. Cheers.

I'm a big fan. I was wondering, would it be okay with you if I used latino electricity in an upcoming video of mine?

of course ^^

yh sorry for all these comments but i have a question

did you pay for fruity loops or did you just download it cause my mate says u have to pay like 100 pound for it
also when ur makin music do you use a special keyboard or just the fruity loops program

i ask cause i just got a laptop and i wanted to make music n shit like you and other newgrounds artists

i dont use fruity loops, i use logic express 8, reason 4 and ableton live suite 7 (i think it's 7 anyway :D)
as for keyboard i use an oxygen 8 v2

also i have a new song up on my myspace, it's alot like riding the rails

that song woodboy is brilliant
i love how its a remix of riding the rails i think thats well kool cause i love that song
are you not goin to put it on newgrounds though cause that would be well sweet on my ipod but its up to u

thanks for that program name
i was gonna get fruity loops but its like 300 pounds for the whole package so fuk that
ill see if i can get logic express cause theres no way im gonna buy a 100 pound program
thanks again
oh and your keyboard has a cool name ;)

thats where your gonna hit a couple of problems, it does cost alot to get started up, logic is around 100 quid amd the other two are srupidly priced (like around 300-450) i managed to get a deal on them and thats the only reason i have them, your best bet is demoing them see what you think.

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