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:O A POST!!!

2010-06-05 08:55:22 by Stan-SB

yep, as some of you may have guessed, i havent got very much time for ng anymore

as well as my solo stuff:

/* */
i started a pop dnb breaks rock band, which has really taken off le

if you want to get a good idea of our sound i recomend listening to "Been Going" and "Start With You"
most of the other songs up there are pretty old, but those 2 are the newest and reflect where we're at :)

as always, i will do my best to have some little tasters and abandoned projects converted in to loops, but if that falls through, i do love you all :D



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2010-06-29 13:54:59

wow ur band is actually pretty good, im lovin start with you. ur a pretty good vocalist as well, ur defo gonna make it big one day. good luck mate


2010-08-03 03:32:24

Wow great work kid! You're a PRODIGY xP


2010-11-07 16:09:25

Man have you come a long way from red sand!


2011-11-15 23:42:17

I've been looking for a song of yours recently that seems to have disappeared - I remember it being called "Cloud head" or something similar.
Was it removed, or simply renamed?