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riding the rails

2007-12-02 07:39:32 by Stan-SB

hi all how ya all doing im pretty good i just thought id post a question


the one voted for most will get a sequel made

thank you and goodnight

what do you need?

2007-11-03 07:51:15 by Stan-SB

hi all havent postsed in a while sorry thinking of re-making fixed or doing se sequel track or somthing anyway i was wondering if any of you newgrounders out there needed a peice making for a flash your working on, i can do any genre you want but im best at bigbeat and dnb comment if you want n e thing making
love n shizz

the traveller

2007-09-24 16:08:16 by Stan-SB

hi all
just released the traveler hope you all like it... i do. n e way does n e 1 have n e recomendations on what software to get coz im looking into getting some new software soon just wandered which is the best to get for dnb
check out the traveler plz /97873
love n shizz

just say maybe

2007-09-18 10:23:03 by Stan-SB

hi all just say maybe was just released hope you all enjoy listening to as much as i enjoyed making it n e way thank you to everyone so far whos given me feedbak and advice
love n shizz